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 Frequently Asked Questions

Appearance Questions 

Q: Does it matter if my contestant wears glasses or has braces?
A: No, these are normal childhood occurrences and a part of growing up. We look at facial beauty and personality. Lots of smiles and if the contestant is happy to be there and lights up on stage.

Q: Do you need a fancy expensive dress to win?
A: No, expensive glitzy dresses are not needed to win. It is the contestants/parents choice of what attire they feel compliments their contestant. Dresses can be long/short, off the rack, or hand made. We recommend a face dress, that simply means a dress that does not over power the contestant. Where a contestant can wear natural hair styles and where the contestant makes the dress!


Entry Questions

Q: How does selling tickets work?
A: Just print off a couple copies of the ticket sheet. Leave the sheet whole, do not cut the tickets up, its easier to keep track of and count that way. Then ask friends, family, businesses and co-workers if they want to buy a ticket or two, they are $2 each. Let them know its to help sponsor your contestants entry fee and win prizes. The tickets will be put into a drawing at the pageant and we will draw a ticket on stage. That winning ticket receives a great prize! The person who bought the ticket does not need to be present. You can deliver the prize to that sponsor. Once you sold all the tickets you are selling, please mail the ticket sheets and money to the office. We do not accept checks, just money orders by mail and cash at the pageant. But tickets and ticket money needs to be sent in advance prior to the pageant, please watch deadlines. Usually a few days prior to the pageant. To make sure we have the additional awards on hand.
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Q: If I am selling tickets, do I still need to send a deposit?
A: Yes, you can send a portion of your tickets & ticket money as your deposit. A deposit let's us know you are planning on coming. All tickets will be combined later.

Q: Do you have a Boys Division?
A: Yes we always offer divisions for boys at most events.

Q: How to Claim your Referrals?
A: Let your friends know about the pageant event and if they enter to make sure to put your name on the referral line of the entry form for credit. Referrals need to be mentioned when the entry form is submitted and cannot be added later. When you refer 5 to Enter and they put your name as a referral on the entry form and participate at the pageant, you will receive your Entry Free. If you do not get 5 referrals you will still receive $15 off for each referral.